International Moving or Relocation

1. We provide all the documents before the exporter or passenger leaves the country, if not, due to technical problems. We will send it by fax, the AWB copy or post the bill of lading if by sea.

2. For import clearance we also provide door delivery with transportation on reasonable rates on your requirements to your office or factory or residence with in A.P. / India.

3. 90% of the amount to be paid in advance for space booking at the time of starting the work.

4. 10% of the amount to be paid after completion of the work at the time of hand over the documents.

5. For any consignment Insurance part is from your side only. We also provide insurance subject to some consignments only.

6. We are not responsible for the natural calamites or terrorist destructiveness, sinking of vessel, flight, fire & Bombing.

7. We also provide Insurance service for which we charge actual plus Rs. 500/- is our service charges per consignment.

8. The rates quoted in quotation can be changed from time to time, item to item, place with prior intimation over phone.

9. Door delivery will not be given to any destinations. When it is booked up to Air / Sea Port only.

10. Call at airport / Seaport address given on Bill of lading at down left side and confirm whether your consignment has arrived or not by informing them your airway bill (AWB) No / bill of lading number. Do not wait for the Airlines / our agent call regarding your cargo arrival.

11. You can clear the consignment by showing your passport and AWB in original or fax copy of Airway bill / Bill of lading at the destination port.

12. Do not keep the consignment for longer time at Air port / customs Go down of destination may occur demurrages as per their country’s tariff for which we are not responsible at any cost.

13. Cargo will reach the destination within 5-7 or 10 days in general conditions by Air and 25 to 30 days by sea to any port from the date of bill of entry in general conditions. We have no control over the time span of reaching the material to any ports.

14. If you want to take the material from Airport or seaport to your residence you also can appoint a clearing agent at your own charges which can be negotiated.

15. Our charges are only up to the destination till Airport / seaport.

16. Insurance for all cargo’s at your interest. Our rates are exclusive of insurance.

17. We are not responsible for any damages or loss of items if is not insured.

18. If any duty or storage charges at your destination is on your account.

19. For every expenditure of said break up, the receipts will be given from our end only.

20. The Airway bill amount is not the same as given freight amount as per our quotation. There will be other charges like, Air Way Bill cutting, fuel, security, our service charges.

21. The charges will be given after seeing the material and the material will be packed up to the standard of export.

22. The packing charges will be given to you orally after seeing the material before start work. Subject, to that if, the material required packing.

23. Every export goods required to be packed soundly with sea or air worth packing as per ship / Air line standards and we do it, by charging separately as per quotation.

24. You are advised to take the cargo number there and kindly enquire time to time regarding your material till it reaches.

25. In case of Customs Duty, at destination port as per this Country Tariff you have to pay.

26. Any dammarage, breakages to be brought our notice in written and also to the insurance company for survey report within 2 days of receiving the material by you.

27. For import clearing the document required:- (a) Bill of loading (b) Authorization Latter (c) Passport Xerox (d) Ticket copy Xerox (e) Cargo packing list (f) Delivery order by container company D.O. (g) Container No.


We provide door delivery to destinations by Air / Sea also. The rates for door delivery is separate and as per quotation. Door delivery with insurance / door delivery without insurance are also available.

The Marine Insurance for semi-risk 1.5% and full risk for 3% on declared value, which may charge time to time by Insurance Company. If, you have paid separately for insurance, we provide the policy copy from any insurance company.